Evolution and Genetic Determinism

When Gregor Mendel (peas be upon him) was initiating the science of genetics, it is doubtful that he envisioned that evolutionists would misuse it to the point of determining human behavior. They say, "Excuse me while I whip this out", start spinning their Charles Darwin Club Secret Decoder Rings™ for "scientific truth", and conjured up genetic determinism.

A dangerous amoral philosophy of Darwinism is genetic determinism. This tells us that even our morality is genetic and biblical creation tells us the truth.
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These materialists try to find immaterial things such as consciousness which is contrary to the dogma of your behavior is in your genes. Some speculate that even your morals are genetic. Let's just slow this pony for a moment. Although thinking people reject such a notion, it would be the ultimate in postmodernism with no ultimate truth. This is consistent with evolutionism, since they say we are the results of cosmic explosions, primordial slime, random chance processes, time, and so on.

For that matter, if they say biblical creationists are wrong and worthy of ridicule, they are flaming hypocrites; we're born this way, and they were born that way. That would also mean that you have no responsibility for your own actions — except that some tinhorns would set themselves up as the arbiters of truth and morality, which would contradict the paradigms. However, there is ultimate truth that begins at Creation as seen in God's written Word. Wonder what part of the pasture secularists will wander into next?
One of the most dangerous philosophies in the history of mankind is still embedded in modern Darwinism.

In a recent post, we laughed at two evolutionary just-so stories that extrapolated animal behavior into human behavior. Remember, though, that animal behavior is encoded by their genes, and that’s no laughing matter when genetic determinism is extrapolated to humans. It sucks all the air out of morality, making humans pawns of an amoral, aimless natural process with no accountability.
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