When Politics Imprisons Science

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

This article seems somewhat appropriate on the anniversary of these here United States declaring independence from England, but it is not about that event. I will let people with more skill deal with those details. Instead, I am going to touch on a few subjects before getting to the main point. You're welcome to ride along and see how this develops.

Science is being imprisoned by political special interests. This affects all of us, so there is some overlap with science, politics, and creation.
Credit: Pixabay / Prettysleepy2
When listening to podcasts or reading certain materials, I like getting some personal information from the speaker or writer. It makes them seem more relatable. I understand that people like that sort of thing, and that's one reason I put in some of those things in posts and articles. I have a weblog for things that I try to post on once a month to keep it active; things like not caring about the finales of certain popular media events.

Another weblog was my first, and that is also infrequent, often for politics and culture. There are items I've posted there because they were of a more political nature but still had some relevance to creation science. Fortunately, we still have many things to discuss on this site (such as how the Genesis Flood carved out canyons and valleys) that are not going to have much of a political flavor.

I am reluctant to post political things here, but it seems like some of that will be necessary. No, I'm not planning on being a cheerleader for a political party (one of them hates God, the other at least pretends to respect him), and I doubt that you care who is running for the Kingston, NY city council. Sometimes there is an overlap between political items and the use of science philosophies.

Hopefully regular readers have noticed that logical fallacies can not only be spotted, but apply to everyday life. Being aware of bad reasoning is mighty helpful when dealing with fake science, and are needful to see when politicians and false religions are being manipulative. One simply way to slow down any charlatan is to ask for them to support their claims instead of blindly accepting their assertions.

Leftists have taken science captive and are using twisted science to advance their own agendas. The secular science industry is supporting gender dysphoria while at the same time denying basic science (check your chromosomes and those parts below your belt). Sex roles go way back in time (see "‘Hominids’ Were Gender Binary"). This has gone beyond issues of mental illness and morality, and secularists are riding herd with false science.

The coming ice age — I mean, global warming — I mean, global climate change — is a subject you cannot avoid. It is a leftist political movement that manipulates bad science concepts that are very similar to evolutionism. Indeed, alarmist climate change views are rooted in denying the Creator and in old earth beliefs. Some hysterical proponents reject freedom of speech (even freedom of thought) and want climate change deniers punished.

Do you see how politics, science, and morality can be overlapping? Now we're nearing the main subject.

It is probable that anyone who listens to the radio or watches television in Western nations will hear something about abortion. It is almost a sacred sacrament for leftists, and they use emotive phrases such as, "A woman has a right to choose!" and "women's health" so they can get and keep political power. Murder of the unborn is fully acceptable to them even though it harms women (also see "Refuting Arguments Abortionists Use"). and I noticed that this pandering to women smacks of pagan goddess worship. Study on that. Leftists support Planned Parenthood, who not only makes money on abortions, but sells aborted baby parts for more profit. Then they appeal to emotions by pretending to care about children. See how that works?

Obviously, abortion is not just a political issue. It is a moral concern as well. This brings us to eugenics. It was a political pseudoscience used to control the population where the "unfit" were discouraged from breeding, even through forced sterilization. It was popular in the United States in the early 20th century, and the Nazis took it to its logical horrendous conclusion, so it fell out of favor. Racist Margaret Sanger was a proponent of eugenics. It is making a comeback, and abortion is an important part of it.

Liberty, free speech, and evolutionary thinking don't play well together. 

The article linked below has significant political content. That is unavoidable because of the previously mentioned overlap with science, morality, and politics. Major events in the United States and in other countries have an effect on other countries as well. The only true source for morality is in what leftists, atheists, and evolutionists despise: the authority of the Bible, beginning with creation. We can declare our independence from sin through humbling ourselves, repenting, and receiving salvation through Jesus Christ.
On May 28, 2019, Justice Clarence Thomas wrote a strong, well-documented opinion detailing how Darwinism logically influenced Planned Parenthood, eugenics, and Margaret Sanger. The pro-abortion secular media aggressively attacked his historical analysis, claiming, among other things, that it was factually incorrect. The critics’ bias was obvious in their choice of words. They referred to human embryos as “cells” or “cellular globules,” “future humans,” and other terms that dehumanized the unborn. They condemned Thomas’s reference to an aborted fetus “as if it were a child.” We should never forget that leading up to the Holocaust, the Nazis dehumanized their victims, calling them “vermin,” “lives not worth living,” and “useless eaters.”

Clarence Thomas’s opinion addressed the main aspect of an Indiana law at issue before the Supreme Court, specifically the “Sex Selective and Disability Abortion Ban.” . . . The law only imposes liability on the abortion provider, not the woman.[4]

. . .

Pro-abortion critics were ruthless in their attacks on Thomas’s historical analysis. Typical of the comments were these by Elie Mystal, who rationalized abortion based on race, sex or disability:
To read this important article in its entirety, click on "Is Secular Science Re-Opening the Door to Eugenics?"