Aliens and Evolutionary Indoctrination

We have seen many times on this site as well as others providing creation science material that secularists are mighty fond of space aliens. However, their invisible friends have never been seen, but folks still believe in them by faith. Aliens are also used for propaganda purposes in the drive of naturalists to support their presuppositions that the Creator does not exist. Interesting that they deny God because they claim there is no evidence (Rom. 1:18-23), yet insist on believing in aliens. Makes perfect sense in their paradigm.

Naturalists had success using dinosaurs for evolutionary propaganda against young people. They are also pushing space aliens to influence people.
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Darwin's followers have had a wonderful time making chin music and publishing research papers about dinosaur bones. Museums are chock full of incomplete skeletons with missing bones added as well as artists' (mis)conceptions. Dinosaurs did exist, and evolutionists get on the prod when the problems (for them) of soft tissues and proteins are raised. They also get cranky when biblical creationists upset the apple cart by using dinosaurs for creation purposes: "Those are our propaganda pieces, and you can't use them!"

Dinosaurs existed, but there is no evidence for extraterrestrial life. SETI enthusiasts are waiting for ETs to phone from home. Ain't happening, Zeke. I'm cognating that you don't see creationists using space aliens is that most of us reject their existence both scientifically and theologically. Atheists and evolutionists are consumed with hope for genuine evidence for extraterrestrial life. If that did happen. they could jump up and down, clapping with glee and sing, "There is no God!" Yeah, they are fond of using bad logic based on wishful thinking.

Any member of the Ministry of Truth (as well as Hitler, Lenin, and other dictators) can tell you that it is important to capture the minds of young people so belief in evolution can be secured. Evolution makes atheists and materialists out of people, after all. Dinosaurs were effective, and aliens are being pushed as propaganda resources.
Evolutionists are prepping children for a global deception.

With no data to go on, SETI advocates continue their hopeless search. Since they believe a single alien space signal will revolutionize human identity, they press on. In the meantime, they use the media to prepare impressionable young minds for what they hope is inevitable. After all, if life evolved here so easily (presumably), it must have evolved all over the universe. In theory, some of it is probably intelligent, probably much more advanced than we are. Right? Star Wars says so.
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