Creation Science Stratigraphy Supports the Genesis Flood

Since secularists presuppose there is no evidence for the Genesis Flood, creation scientists have to do it themselves. They keep finding the evidence. Small Fact Frog is right.Over at the Darwin Ranch, that bunch is a superstitious lot. It is considered bad luck to honestly search for and report on evidence that supports creation science, as it is bad for old earth beliefs and evolution — and their grant money. Especially regarding things related to geology.

You know the cliché: "We have the fossils, we win", then folks link to atheistic and evolutionary sources to confirm their biases. Add to this the common lie that creationist scientists are not really scientists, and the Big Lie propaganda tactic is in full gear.

Then the disciples of evolution light their prayer candles and chant to their pagan pseudoscience gods that people forget how to think and use search engines. When people do look up the credentials of creationists and the facts on the Flood, then every day is Friday the 13th at the Darwin Ranch. Meanwhile, secular scientists who want to simply go on about their jobs look at the antics of the Darwin death cult and go on with their activities.

"What are you on the prod about, Cowboy Bob?"

Well, yeah, I was a bit off the trail there. So anyway. Secularists, whether the fanatics or run-of-the-mill evolutionary scientists, have decided that creation science is nonexistent and are locked into their deep time and evolutionary presuppositions. Creationist have to saddle up, stash their accreditation in their possibles bags, and do their own research. Unfortunately, they are not well-heeled like their secular counterparts, but creationists still manage to cause problems for naturalistic beliefs.

Despite the myth of the unbiased, dispassionate seeker of knowledge, scientists have their biases, assumptions, and presuppositions. Scientists at the Institute for Creation Research used the premise that if there was a Global Flood, there would be observable evidence for it. Since secularists rejected this idea out of hand, they had to do it their ownselves. ICR scientists collected a huge amount of data from several parts of the world and plugged them into biblical creation presuppositions. We have seen how fossils do not support deep time or evolution, but how about geology itself supporting the Flood and recent creation?
CR’s Column Project team recently finished work on the European continent, including Turkey and the area surrounding the Caspian Sea. We have now compiled stratigraphic data across four entire continents: North and South America, Africa—including the Middle East—and Europe.
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The stratigraphic patterns across the first three continents were also found across Europe with slight differences. The Flood across Europe began in a limited extent in the Sauk, peaked in the Absaroka, and finally receded in the Tejas, the final megasequence. This is strong evidence for a global flood. All four continents we have studied share the same general pattern and timing of limited early flooding, followed by peak flooding, and then receding.
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The book of Genesis describes a catastrophic worldwide Flood.
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