Flighty Evolutionists Invoke Adaptation as Evolution

Knowledgeable creationists tend to understand Darwinism more than typical village atheists and evolutionists. However, sometimes unskilled anti-creationists are more consistent with evolutionary ideas than the professionals in the secular science industries. Your typical internet troll is committed to naturalism and rejects teleology while Darwin's handmaidens are making fabricating goal-oriented entities.

Evolutionists mix up natural selection, adaptation, and evolution. Some of it is confusion, some is deception. Several examples about birds illustrate the problems.
Credit: PIXNIO
There is a great deal of confusion among evolutionists about the workings of natural selection and adaptation. While writing their evoporn, secularists will often refer to natural selection, adaptation, and evolution interchangeably. They will even make one or all of them into deities, which is contrary to the nature of evolution (along with teleology).

Part of this definition confusion is the result of not understanding the concepts they are proclaiming, secularists are also committed to dealing from the bottom of the deck to trick people into believing in evolution and doubting the Creator. Yes, we do see natural selection and adaptation. Those are concepts that biblical creationists promote because they are part of the Master Engineer's plan for organisms. Let's whittle this down a mite and look at how evolutionists are discussing birds, although the activities there are also used in other areas.
Darwinians use adaptation and evolution almost interchangeably. Is that justified?

Adaptation, strictly defined, refers to the matching of an organism to its environment. Think of a woodpecker. Its claws enable it to cling to tree trunks, and its tongue can reach into deep holes in the wood. The tongue, moreover, has a sticky tip able to glue onto bugs inside the hole. Its head is protected from the hammer-like blows of its beak, which is pointed for penetrating wood. The woodpecker, all would acknowledge, is well adapted to its lifestyle. A hummingbird, by contrast, has specific adaptations for hovering in the air while sipping nectar in flowers, including its nectar-trapping tongue.

Such amazing matches of organisms to their environment have been observed for thousands of years. Only since Darwin, however, has the word included linkages to evolution by natural selection. At Dictionary.com, two of the biological definitions embed natural selection in the definition of adaptation:
I've given you enough of a preview already. To finish reading this enlightening article, click on "Evolution for the Birds: Must Adaptation Be Evolutionary?" The music "video" below is a parody by ApologetiX of the song "Cumbersome". The new lyrics are based on the personification of Wisdom crying out to people to learn. The lyrics are here.