Population Genetics and the Genesis Flood

Scientists use the word bottleneck to describe a drastic reduction in a population, and is also used to describe a severe loss of genetic diversity. Those of the biblical creation persuasion want to know about the most severe population bottleneck of all: the Genesis Flood.

Here is some heavy material on population genetics and creation science research regarding the population bottleneck and the Genesis Flood.
Credit: Pixabay / Jeff Jacobs
Atheists, evolutionists, and religious compromisers reject the Genesis Flood out of hand, so it's very difficult for creationists to conduct research when they are not as well-heeled as their counterparts. Even so, creationist geologists conducted some significant stratigraphy research, and here, we have models and discussions on the genetic effects of the Flood, and subsequent diversity afterward.

On a side note, some tinhorns insist on redefining evolution. Some insist on "change over time" (not helpful), others say "changes in allele (or gene) frequencies", often appealing to that unbiased paragon of scientific virtue, Wikipedia. Darwin's disciples online do not understand evolution and creationists often have to correct them, but professional evolutionists do not really understand their mythology either. Mayhaps that's why they redefine evolution. The following articles refer to allele frequencies numerous times, but this has nothing whatsoever to do with evolution.

Scientists work from their presuppositions. Materialists have their naturalistic philosophies and struggle to find evidence for matter-to-microbiologist evolution and deep time, and biblical creationists find evidence for recent creation and the global Flood. Working from the biblical starting point, creationists conducted research using the science of genetics (begun by Gregor Mendel, peas be upon him) and the biblical timeline. Adam and Eve were unmarred by genetic degradation at the time of their creation. Marrying close kinfolk was not a problem for a long time, and God prohibited it to protect the human race from further genetic problems after the Exodus.

Here are two papers that are mostly beyond my ken. They are deep, and one is quite long. Even so, I was able to get something out of them. They are presented for people who want the heavier material that is written for people with backgrounds in science. In this case, biology and genetics would be mighty helpful, and maybe some mathematics.

First, "The genetic effects of the population bottleneck associated with the Genesis Flood". Next is the shorter one, "Effective population sizes and loss of diversity during the Flood bottleneck".

For people who are interested in more heavy science, here are two other articles of interest that I did not even attempt to read: "Evidence for a Human Y Chromosome Molecular Clock: Pedigree-Based Mutation Rates Suggest a 4,500-Year History for Human Paternal Inheritance", and also "Testing the Predictions of the Young-Earth Y Chromosome Molecular Clock: Population Growth Curves Confirm the Recent Origin of Human Y Chromosome Differences".