Further Confirmation that Dinosaurs were Reptiles

While scientists can learn a great deal from fossils, they do not give many of the finer details. With improving technology plus dinosaur bones being discovered and analyzed, more can be learned. Back in 1842, Richard Owen formed the word dinosauria from Greek words for "fearful" and "lizard". He could tell that they were reptiles.

Evolutionists try to change the obvious fact that dinosaurs were reptiles. Recent research supports what was already known.
Credit: RGBStock / Adrian van Leen
Evolutionists get on the prod when recent creation is discussed, especially when dinosaur soft tissues support recent creation. They keep on trying to find ways to make them seem millions of years old despite the evidence (because the Bearded Buddha required deep time to work his magic). Researchers managed to confirm what we already know: dinosaurs were cold-blooded reptiles.

Years ago, I was working a desk job and the manager put a big lizard nearby. It kept watching my every move. I asked why this was happening, and I was told that it was a monitor lizard.

"That's dreadful, Cowboy Bob!"

Well, I wasn't too keen on being monitored, either.

The Komodo dragon is a kind of monitor lizard (which supposedly got its name by monitoring its surroundings for predators). This bad boy is big, mean, fast, has poison, and relentless. It has no problem taking down a water buffalo for lunch. Studies of the metabolisms of Komodo dragons and alligators support what has already been believed about the reptilian nature of dinosaurs.
Based on these findings, researchers have proposed that many dinosaurs had low metabolic levels during resting or low-activity periods but could rapidly expand their lung ventilation levels for bursts of activity associated with running, attacking, and defensive maneuvers. This type of adaptation would also have allowed large dinosaurs to sustain life within a reasonable level of caloric intake. Indeed, research showed that if large dinosaurs were warm-blooded, they wouldn’t have been able to ingest enough food to maintain their metabolism.
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