More Human Evolution Dead Ends

Out yonder past Deception Pass, the hands at the Darwin Ranch are frantically attempting to find evidence for evolution. One owlhoot named Lee Berger has had several discoveries that have been interesting in and of themselves. Unfortunately for evolutionists, he keeps giving them dead-end candidates.

Candidates for evolutionary ancestors are often failures. Many factors are neglected in favor of confirming evolutionary bias.
Image before text: The Angry One by Ferdinand Hodler
Naturally, the media for the secular science industry got the bit in their teeth and ran with the latest story that human evolution's tree would be "shaken up". We've heard that song and dance before. While I detest the genetic fallacy (where something is rejected simply because of the source), there are times when someone's track record can give someone reasons to hesitate in accepting information. Berger (as is common with evolutionists) seems to neglect that some of the variations bones and fossils can be the results of fragment mixing, diseases or conditions, devolution, and other factors that can falsely confirm a biased view. Even other evolutionists are skeptical of Berger's pronouncements. This keeps happening because naturalists suppress the truth about the Creator.

Evolutionists and creationists know that the human genome is deteriorating. Using their own methods, creationists show that humans should have already gone extinct. This genetic deterioration shows up in the fossils that are discovered. It also reveals the truth of what God said back in Genesis 3.
Based on past trends, more discoveries have generally not added to anthropologists’ conceptions of human evolution. Instead, they have have muddied the waters and created new challenges to the original human evolution narrative. This has been true from the time when Darwin proposed details of his own theory of human evolution, twelve years after his 1859 book On the Origin of Species was published. He proposed his theory in his 1871 treatise titled The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex. The word “descent” turned out to be accurate, but was not what Darwin intended to say.
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