Science Stoppers, Real Science Radio, and Professor Andy McIntosh

Some evolutionists insist that believing in creation is a "science stopper". Creation-believing scientists show this is false, including Professor Andy McIntosh, interviewed by Bob Enyart for Real Science Radio.

Thinking people may find this hard to believe, but there are scum-to-skeptic evolutionists who insist that Bible-believing scientists are not really scientists despite their credentials. (Reminds me of that bumper sticker I used to see here in the US, "If it ain't country, it ain't music!" In their case, "If it ain't naturalism, it ain't science!") Some of this is also related to the claim that creation science is a "science stopper" because creationists believe that "God did it", and do not investigate further. Not hardly! Creationists give God the glory, but don't stop, they want to know how God designed things to work.

Ironically, "Evolution did it™" is the real science stopper. Coal, diamonds, fossils, other things were not tested for carbon-14 because they "knew" there was none in those items; they were too old. It was found in many things after reluctant testing. Scientists "knew" that a good chunk of the genome was loaded with "junk" DNA, so they stopped looking until recently. A use for almost all of the "junk" has been found, and serious research was hindered in genetic research because of evolutionary paradigms. In addition, the evolutionary paradigm has led to many surprises for scientists in the area of space exploration, instead of "that's what we predicted".

Such claims by these owlhoots are at best prejudicial conjecture, but my money's on bigotry rooted in willing ignorance (Romans 1:18-19, 2 Peter 3:3-5 KJV). I've posted many links to articles here and on The Question Evolution Project where biblical creation scientists discuss their faith and science. To learn more about how creation-believing scientists are actual scientists and publish in scientific journals, click here.

An earlier post linked to an interview with Dr. David Rosevear by Bob Enyart for Real Science Radio. Enyart made another stop in the UK to interview science-award winning Professor Andy McIntosh, who has impressive credentials. Some of the discussion touched on a topic that is mentioned here, biomimetics. (Dr. McIntosh had ideas from the bombardier beetle. Why not? Scientists are working on something from the vampire bat, of all things.) You can listen live online or download the show. The first part is a narrative about Bob's trip to the UK, plus some odds and ends. The actual interview with Professor McIntosh at the 24 minute 50 second mark. To listen, click on "RSR in the UK with a Research Professor from Leeds".