Those Scientists Who Revived Evolutionism

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

We've seen several times before that evolution was not the brainchild of Charles Darwin, and had been around since way back when. It is actually an ancient pagan religion, and had received some "scientific" adjustments before Darwin became its chief popularizer. Darwin's disciples revere him as a "great scientist", as well as the other 19th century propagandists for evolutionism. Except that most were not scientists at all!

Darwin, Spencer, Lyell, others who established 19th century evolution had no formal scientific training

Many creationists point out that Darwin had no formal scientific training, and was actually a backslidden theology student. (I'll allow that he did make some good observations while learning in the field, however.) We also point out that old earth advocate Charles Lyell was a lawyer. Several others that influenced Darwin and the revival of evolutionism had no scientific training.

"That's not quite fair, Cowboy Bob. Geosciences are comparatively new, so they weren't giving away those doctorates so much back then."

That's true. However, my point is that these owlhoots had no formal scientific training of any consequence. In The Long War Against God by Dr. Henry M. Morris (1989), about 49 percent of the way along in my ebook, I noticed:

It is worth noting that almost none of the leaders of this evolutionary revival had been trained as scientists in the modern sense. None were educated as physicists or chemists or biologists or geologists or astronomers or other “natural” scientists. As already noted, Charles Darwin himself was an apostate divinity student whose only degree was in theology. Charles Lyell was a lawyer, William Smith a surveyor, James Hutton an agriculturalist, John Playfair a mathematician, Robert Chambers a journalist. Alfred Russel Wallace had little formal education of any kind, with only a brief apprenticeship in surveying. Thomas Huxley had an indifferent education in medicine. Herbert Spencer received practically no formal education except some practical experience in railroad engineering. Thomas Malthus was a theologian and economist, while Erasmus Darwin was a medical doctor and poet. Of all the chief contributors to the revival of evolutionism commonly associated with Charles Darwin, only Jean Lamarck in France and Ernst Haeckel in Germany seemed to have had a bona fide education in the branch of evolutionary “science” that they pursued, and they had their own particular anti-Christian agendas to promote.
Dr. Morris also pointed out that real scientists such as "Faraday, Cuvier, Brewster, Pasteur, Maxwell, Joule, Sedgwick, and others" opposed or ignored Darwinism. Ironically, the best support that anti-Bible evolutionism received came from apostatizing clergymen! Apparently, they wanted to look intelligent, so they accepted the deceptions of deep time concepts and even those of Darwin.

Yes, scientists today believe and promote evolution, I'm not saying that. No, evolution was not founded by scientists in the early days. Meanwhile, biblical creation science was — and is — upheld by theologians, lay people, and credentialed scientists.