The Extraordinary Electrical Human Body

No, Benjamin Franklin did not discover electricity, but he did conduct (heh!) research with the famous but misunderstood kite experiment. People had been trying to understand electricity for centuries, and obviously this knowledge has grown tremendously since Franklin's day.

It must have come as a shock to learn that living things are, to some extent, electrical in nature. Our bodily chemistry works in conjunction with electricity. To use the term by Mr. Gordons, we are "meat machines". That's somewhat accurate, but limited. There is a great deal happening inside.

Bodies are masterpieces of engineering, and this includes the neural pathways all the way down to the cellular level.
Freeimages / George Georgiades
Electrical impulses are involved in our sense of touch as well as the way we use our arms and legs. It is fascinating that our Creator designed our bodies with the capability of "rewiring" themselves. Centuries ago, a college algebra teacher told us that when we work and rework a problem, we're setting neural patterns, so we should take a break and come back later. He may have been right, as I've had sudden clarity after I've stepped away from a mental puzzle. From the brain's neural pathways down to the cellular level, we are masterpieces of engineering.
[O]ne machine—the most amazing electric machine of all—hasn’t been upgraded since humans first harnessed electric power. And it’s still better than the latest gadgets. When God created Adam from the dust of the ground, He created him as an electric machine that surpasses any technology we could ever invent.

Scientists constantly marvel at new discoveries about the intricacies of our body’s nervous system, and they’re even finding that its similarities to man-made machines allow us to create electric body parts that interact with the brain.

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