Dinosaur DNA and Evolutionary Big Lies

As creationists have predicted, discoveries of dinosaur soft tissues and such have increased dramatically in recent years. The implications for the secular science industry are profound in several ways, especially regarding deep time; millions of years are vital for Darwin to work his magic.

After all, time is the hero of evolutionary dogma. Dinosaurs supposedly took a dirt nap some sixty-something million years ago, but now these soft tissues and such are prompting secular scientists to reject scientific facts so they can push the evolutionary narrative.

Dinosaur soft tissues were trouble, now DNA has been found in them. Evolutionists resort to cognitive dissonance and the Big Lie to push the narrative.
When the existence of dinosaur soft tissues was clearly established, evolutionists and deep-time proponents tried to deny their existence. They also tried to evosplain them away as well as denigrating other scientists. When DNA was discovered, Darwin's acolytes trembled in terror and argued about DNA's half life — it cannot exist for nearly as long as they pretend in their cognitive dissonance.

Worse for them, impressive samples that are even older than those previously discovered are in hand. That means even more compelling evidence against evolution and millions of years, and in favor of recent creation. As explained in the article linked below, they are also engaging in the propaganda tactic of the Big Lie as well as concentration and repetition.
Deep time is to Darwinism what oxygen is to earth’s atmosphere. Without it, evolutionary theory asphyxiates. They know this. That is why no matter the evidence, they cling to their precious millions of years as if their lives depend on it.

Since the late 1990s, with increasing frequency, evidence of primordial biological material in dinosaur bones has percolated up through the scientific journals. . . .When cartilage was reported (which bacteria do not have), they invented implausible theories of how it could survive millions of years under special conditions of chemistry. All the while, more reports of soft tissue have kept coming, including micrographs of osteocytes, melanocytes, and even (gasp) DNA. Evolutionists and other believers in deep time had long been adamant that DNA could not last millions of years—only one million at most, but certainly not back to the time of dinosaurs.

Now that incontrovertible evidence of primordial DNA in dinosaurs has reached a tipping point, evolutionists have changed their strategy again – more on that after looking at the latest evidence.

To read the entire article and see what causes consternation, head on over to "Incontrovertible Dinosaur DNA Reported." Yippie ky yay, secularists!