Climate Change and Woolly Mammoths

How long will it take before Facebook stops tagging posts that mention climate change with their links to alarmist propaganda? That question is of a rhetorical nature. Moving on...

It seems to be increasingly common for the secular science industry to jump on trendy terms, possibly to make a pretense at relevance. They also have a nasty habit of conducting inefficient research and leaving out important details. Hence, we get evoporn capitalizing on climate change and the demise of woolly mammoths.

Evolutionists capitalize on origins, the extinction of woolly mammoths, and climate change. They did inefficient research, but creationists do better.
Flickr / Rob Pongsajapan (CC BY 2.0), modified at PhotoFunia
One pretentious professor claims that he has proof that the demise of woolly mammoths was not due to human hunting, but to climate change. Proof? Not hardly! He told a story and left out many significant details, including why these creatures that roamed a great deal didn't just move out of the chill. No, something drastic happened. Creationists can give far more rational explanations. One nice thing is that humans aren't blamed for global warming this time.
Evolutionists are ignoring the mammoth in the room. Or, that is, the mammoth in the permafrost. Instead of approaching the puzzle of millions of frozen mammoth bones and tusks in the Arctic circle, from Alaska to Siberia, they play with their favorite toys: climate change and evolution.

Humans did not cause woolly mammoths to go extinct – climate change did (University of Cambridge). In its rush to include the trendy phrase “climate change” in yet another press release, this article fails to even mention the vast numbers of mammoth bones trapped in the ice, often with organs intact.

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