Evolutionary Indoctrination for Fun and Profit

A spell back, we noticed how the hands at the Darwin Ranch were celebrating their indoctrination skills, and how they are going after our children as well. Evolutionists are disappointed, however, that more people are not converts to atheistic naturalism.

It is bewildering when a so-called theory needs to be propped up with bad science, fraudulent research, misinformation, and outright lies — and then its supporters call biblical creationists "liars". No, just because they dislike our interpretations of facts does not make us dishonest.

Evolutionists have quite a few converts. Their tactics include bad science and misrepresentation. The refuted similarity to chimps is one example.
Modified from an image by Mwangi Gatheca at Unsplash
Being called liars by liars — uninformed anti-creationists online — is...truly bizarre.

Darwinian propagandists should not receive any resistance at all, what with lack of critical thinking and the sanitized version of evolution being taught in schools. The existence and perseverance of creation science ministries is also a likely reason the percentage of acceptance isn't higher.

Propaganda includes spreading the anti-creation narrative far and wide. Once it take hold, corrections, retractions, or basic facts do not get nearly as much airplay. One major example is the falsehood from Darwin's Fudge Factory of the extreme similarity between humans and chimpanzees.
A recent study claims that a majority (54%) of Americans now accept as true the statement “Human beings, as we know them today, developed from earlier species of animals.” Unfortunately, given the increased secularization of American society, this increased acceptance of evolution may well be real. Nevertheless, it’s remarkable that, despite decades of attempts by the scientific establishment and popular culture to convince Americans of human evolution, 46% of Americans still reject it!

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