Snails, Slugs, and Evolutionary Absurdities

It seems like a good life to travel with your home. Some folks do that with recreational vehicles and call it RVing, whether for vacations, after retirement, or as a lifestyle because it seemed like a good idea. Critters like snails do it out of necessity because they were designed that way.

Propagandists for minerals-to-malacologist evolution tend to oversimplify things so the public will be more accepting of their stories. Such is the case with snails, semi-snails, and slugs.

Evolutionist propaganda is again claiming loss of features as evidence, and using the tactic of oversimplifying. This time, snails evolving into slugs.
Freeimages / Natalia Z
Evolutionists put a dizzying spin on practically anything, and they claim that a loss of traits demonstrates Darwinism. Somehow, the snail evolved away from a shell, leaving semi-snails (gear-jammin' diesel burnin' big rig drivers) as a transitional form into slugs. Looking at the story that is presented, it can make sense to people who are not bothering to use the minds God gave them. In reality, our Creator designed genetic diversity in creatures. Storytelling does not vindicate Darwin or dethrone God.
A recent article from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History made some very interesting claims about the evolutionary history of snails, slugs, and semi-slugs. According to the article, slugs evolved from snails by passing through a semi-slug stage. A semi-slug is a snail with an external shell too small to accommodate the entire organism. There are, as usual, large-scale problems with this evolutionary claim.

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