False Claims of God of the Gaps

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

There is so much misrepresentation of biblical creation science nowadays, one might be justified in suspecting that prizes were awarded. Misotheists and evolutionists build a straw man, add a heapin' helpin' of ridicule, then commence to laughing about refuting creation science. Not hardly!

A popular false accusation is that creationists rely on a God of the gaps position. This means that when we lack scientific knowledge about a subject, we refer to God to cover those gaps in our understanding.

Atheists and evolutionists often misrepresent biblical creationists. One claim is that we use a God of the Gaps approach to bridge over gaps in knowledge.
Geierlay Suspension Bridge, Pexels / Sven Huls 
There is a substantial amount of hypocrisy in accusing us of using a God of the gaps approach because they have an evolution or science of the gaps tenet of faith. This child has pointed out for a long time that people have believed in evolution despite extreme gaps in knowledge that even Papa Darwin existed (such as the dearth of transitional forms in the fossil record that he hoped would be discovered later). People believe in evolution by faith, old son, not by sight.

Another problem is the failure to recognize that both secular and creation scientists have presuppositions. Everyone has a worldview, and presuppositions are a big part of it. They are things we presume to be true without supporting empirical evidence. Materialists presuppose atheism, biblical creationists presuppose the truth of God's written Word.

A big part of straw man arguments is to claim that creationists use "GodDidIt" as a stopping point, so we do not pursue further knowledge. That is easily show to be a lie because of the number of creation scientists in the world, and they contribute to science in their areas of specialty. In the creationist worldview, we know that God did it, but we want to know how God did it. However, he is the Creator and we are the created beings. There are limits to our knowledge — a fact that is constantly demonstrated as science progresses.

Materialists insist that atheistic naturalism is the only way to use science. This is ridiculous because the founders of the modern science and the scientific method were overwhelmingly biblical creationists! There was a time when it was commonly accepted by scientists that God is real, but when deep time was promoted along with evolutionism, Christians ceded science to naturalists. Now, creationists are not allowed a seat at the table for discussions on historical science such as origins.

So, a "God of the gaps" claim is usually an ad hominem and attempt to poison the well against us. There evidence refutes evolution and naturalism, and the logical conclusion is that there is indeed a Master Engineer. When evolutionists ridicule us but pass of their perhapsimaybecouldness speculations, data tampering, poor logic, and circular reasoning as "genuine science" — they need to cowboy up and face reality.

Science is a field of study as old as humanity. It began on the very first day of humanity when Adam named the Animals God presented to him. It has continued as mankind has interacted with God’s creation, seeking to understand and steward everything from minerals to plants to animals. Throughout the 6,000 years of human history, there has been an increasingly sophisticated understanding of the natural world. We could examine various periods of understanding in different fields of study in various parts of the world, but let us particularly look at the last 400 years in the Western world where we see the development of what we know today as the scientific method.

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