Born That Way? Not Scientific!

I was born this way, and have no choice in how I am. You must accept me. Can't help it if I'm a biblical creationist white heterosexual male.

Interesting how my claim does not carry any weight or is not considered to be true, isn't it? But gay rights activists claim that they have no choice in their sexual orientation, so we have to accept (and even celebrate) the approximately five percent or less of the population that claims to be homosexual. But there is no science to support this view. According to their own material, it's a matter of choice, not genetics. For that matter, if there was a "gay gene", it would be a mutation, and therefore, unnatural.

Gay rights activists insist that they have no choice in their orientation. However, science does not support this view.
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How did we get to this point? There has been no dramatic increase in those who claim to be homosexuals, despite the way news and entertainment media make it appear that they are about half of the population. Years ago, homosexuality was considered a mental illness, but psychologists changed their views. Why? There's the official story about psychiatrist Robert Spitzer believing that if they're happy, gay is okay. Further research shows that he changed his mind with the blessings of the American Psychiatric Association because of bullying from the homosexual rights activists.

Those of us who say that homosexuality is a sin and "gay marriage" is rebellion against God's created design are now the intolerant outlaws, even though we are staying true to God's Word. (When they disrupts the National Religious Broadcasters worship service and lie about it, nobody bats an eye. When a Christian says that homosexuality is a sin, everybody loses their minds!) For some reason, millennia of societal mores have to change to suit a loud minority. Born that way? Well, one thing's for sure: we're all born sinners and need of repentance.
Psychologist says there is little scientific evidence that sexual-orientation is biological, but two powerful men forced the sexual revolution on the country.

Medical Xpress posted a strange article. It’s clearly pro-LGBT, aimed at helping society accept the small minority of people with non-heterosexual orientations. Yet it makes a strong admission that undermines the whole rationale for giving homosexuals legal protection: the belief that gay people are “born that way.”

Patrick Grzanka and Joe Miles, psychologists from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, went about trying to decipher the source of anti-homosexual bias. They were surprised that the argument that homosexuals are “born that way” seem to have little effect. They wrote a paper “challenging the notion that the belief that people are born with their sexual orientation—a belief that has proliferated in the past 20 to 30 years, particularly among social and biological scientists—is the key to improving attitudes toward lesbian, gay and bisexual people.”
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