Genetic Entropy and You

There are some creationists who advise against using the Laws of Thermodynamics, entropy, and that sort of thing in discussions about evolution. We tend to misuse these things. It is a fact, though, that everything winds down. This applies to you and me.

Genetic entropy is powerful evidence for recent creation, but purveyors of evoporn misrepresent its importance. In fact, it has relevance to COVID-19.
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In a way, it should be obvious. Your vehicle will not become less rusty or repair itself. Machines wear out and break down. Foundations in buildings settle and cracks appear in various places. People grow old and die, and then have to stand before their Creator.

Before we continue, I suggest reading "Mendel's Accountant Continues to Fluster Evolutionists". It's not essential, but helpful.

Genetic entropy is extremely strong for affirming recent creation,  and for refuting deep-time minerals-to-misotheist evolution. Although our Creator built in processes to repair our DNA and mitigate damages, mutations do occur and accumulate. Darwin's acolytes are angry about the hand they've been dealt, so they try to re-deal from the bottom of the deck by making arbitrary excuses.

Genetic entropy exists in humans and higher animals, but it is more pronounced; it happens on lower levels of complexity as well.

The overwhelming majority of mutations are harmful — a fact that evolutionists acknowledge. Some think their ace in the hole is a claim that there are neutral mutations, and if they build up, then their deity of Natural Selection will deign to remove the unfit. Doesn't work that way, old son. Try to understand the concept before making excuses.

We have mentioned genetic entropy a few times, but what follows is the best article for us reg'lar folks to understand.
People die for many reasons, but if you are fortunate enough to escape death through war, crime, random accidents or illness, entropy will always be there to ensure you meet your Maker. Generally speaking, entropy is the universal tendency for things to run down and fall apart.

Not surprisingly, the same tendency is at work in entire populations, generation after generation. We now know, thanks largely to the work of Dr John Sanford (renowned plant geneticist and genetic engineering pioneer from Cornell University), that the same gradual process of ‘running down’ is also operating in the human gene pool.

Called genetic entropy, it is driving humanity—and all higher organisms—to the point of extinction (barring divine intervention, of course). In fact, this process, which operates more rapidly in ‘higher’ organisms, means that the human species could only be several thousand years old; certainly not hundreds of thousands of years, or we would have already become extinct.

You can read the rest over at "Genetic entropy: The silent killer — A devastatingly powerful argument against evolution". The next article is a bit more technical, but we can see how some owlhoots will try to dismiss real science in favor of evoporn.

Evoporn definition

A popular way of discrediting science from biblical creationists (aside from ignoring the truth) is to discredit it through misrepresentation. Sometimes this is done through deliberate deception, but less malevolent ways simply come down to hand-waving dismissals, refusal to do their homework, irrelevant material, prejudicial conjecture, and the complex scientific principle of Making Things Up™.

It is indeed unfortunate that by disregarding the most important creationist paper on this subject, evolutionary thinking once again hinders medical science. It has relevance to the Wuhan COVID-19 virus.

We expect such things from those with Atheist Spectrum Disorder on socialist media, but is is disgraceful when actual scientists use these tactics in order to light prayer candles to the Bearded Buddha and protect the narrative of naturalism. What follows are refutations of louche claims made by credentialed scientists by creation scientists. It is easy to tell that the Darwinists had not bothered to learn what they were attempting to refute. Perhaps they were appealing to their "authority" as scientists who were swatting away the st00pid dumb creationists. Take a look.
There are several ways in which evolutionists attempt to evade the effects of genetic entropy. Objections have included appeals to truncation selection, synergistic epistasis, mutation counts, and debates over the ‘true’ mutation spectrum. These have been analyzed separately and in combination and found to be wanting.

The evolutionary community has not given in. Several attempts have been made to discredit GE, but these efforts have not been strong. Basic misunderstandings of what GE claims, what evolution claims, and the power of the respective alternatives abound. For example, see Critic ignores reality of Genetic Entropy. The debate has continued on Dr. Joshua Swamidass’ Peaceful Science blog. He is an evolutionist and the author of The Genealogical Adam and Eve (GAE), which received a scathing review on We find his science to be not at all ‘peaceful’, but openly hostile to the views of biblical creationists. In fact, he openly admits that his GAE hypothesis represents a sort of Hegelian synthesis between creationism and evolutionism. Readers be cautioned! Tricky rhetorical flourishes are not good arguments, but they abound in those pages.

To read this interesting article, see "Responding to supposed refutations of genetic entropy from the ‘experts’". To really dig in, you may wish to watch this video discussion on genetic entropy between Drs. James Tour and John Sanford. If you're short on time, here's a 1-minute video: