Science In Name Only

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen 

There are a few acronyms ending in -INO, which means In Name Only. RINOs (Republicans), (CINOs) Christians, and others. SINO will not work here because sino means Chinese (based on the Sinae, the Latin word for China). Mayhaps ScINOs? You can study on that and get back to me if something works, okay?

People are suspicious of science at times, then they change horses in midstream and adore it. Especially if they think that scientists are paragons of virtue and impartiality, and will use their brilliance to solve le problème du jour. I disremember when, but one of the responses to a public opinion survey was something like, "Scientists will make a pill for it or something". Blind faith.

People claim to want to follow the science, but it is fake science rooted in social and political agendas. That fake science denies the real thing.
Modified from an illustration by Sidney Paget used in "The Adventure of the Empty House"

A term that has received abundant usage is virtue signaling. It is commonly used for people who are trumpeting their support for political and social causes, but can also be used in reference to people who are trying to impress others with their wonderfulness. The phrase follow the science has been used as a demand on politicians and others when social justice "warriors" want others to fall in line with an agenda.

But which science is being followed?

The canard of "follow where the evidence leads" is invoked, but in areas such as origins research, naturalism is presupposed. When the evidence demonstrates that living things are clearly designed and that God is the Creator, that is rejected out of hand. More than that, political and cultural leftists are claiming science, but they reject scientific facts; a man cannot become a woman because chemistry and chromosomes are unchanged, for example.

Speaking of chromosomes and evolution, the story of chromosome 2 fusion happening when humans and apelike creatures shared a common ancestor is a load or malarkey. Come on, man! Scientists have huge gaps in their knowledge, especially when it comes to something that happened millions of Darwin years ago.

If you read origins material from the secular science industry, look for the weasel words where scientists actually say nothing at all, but their bluffing is taken as actual science (for example, see "Get Real: Evolutionists Are ‘Likely’ Clueless"). It's mighty difficult to follow the science when it's fake, made up while secularists advance their agendas, and science that does not support the left is blackballed.

Worse, the administrators in the secular science industry extend their materialistic beliefs and use science to support the left. Add to this the probability that Anthony Fauci was lying about the Wuhan virus, and it should not be surprising that the public is unwilling to trust the secular science industry. It is interesting that people appeal to science as the highest authority for truth and reality, but scientists are fallible humans. Instead of playing follow the leader (the leader being the faceless monolith of science), it may be a better idea to follow the money.

An interesting article illustrates two points. First, "wokeness" (or "critical race theory", or whatever someone wants to this Marxist-based ideology) is having deleterious effects on medical science. People are intimidated into conformity and rejecting personal convictions. Another section of the article went beyond virtue signaling, and was more like standing on a platform, shooting off fireworks, and using a bullhorn to announce, "We hate President Trump!" Some virtue, since the author and a commenter want to rescue the Republican Party but disparage the tens of millions of people who voted for Trump. None of that was relevant to the article. If you want to step around the horse apples and read the important parts, head on over to "Wokeness Destroying Medicine". This is not following science, but using it in a viperine manner to promote ideology.

By the way, a commander in the United States Space force was relieved of duty for denouncing CRT in the military!

Often times, people are appealing to "science", but they do not want truth or reality. They use virtue signaling and claim to believe in following the science, but that is pretense. Indeed, they want the sound of authority so they can follow their own desires and rebel against God (Rom. 1:18-23). It's science in name only.