Medical Propaganda in Evolutionary Indoctrination

Proponents of universal common descent are rejoicing that more people are accepting evolution, partly through having escalated their indoctrination efforts toward children. They actively censor Intelligent Design and creation science material with the excuse that they are "religious".

That is disingenuous since evolution is foundational to atheism and the religion of secular humanism: They are promoting religion in public schools. Why is it so important to secularists to present only a naturalistic view and derail the learning process?

Secularists rejoice because more people accept evolution. Indoctrination and censorship play a big part. Both are used in falsehoods about the coronavirus and medical science.
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A frequent piece of rhetoric by secularists is that evolution is essential for medicine. That is the opposite of the truth. As regular readers have seen, evolutionary thinking is harmful to medical science. Professionals and educators find it to have no practical value and just don't want it. But that doesn't stop some tinhorns from capitalizing on the coronavirus panics, and ramping up their censorship to boot.
The goal of the research which produced her [Reid's] paper was to determine the origin of the 1918 pandemic influenza strain, which she failed to do! She concluded that “The origin of the 1918 pandemic influenza strain remains mysterious.” Ignoring the facts, she writes that “In 2014, my conviction [was] that understanding evolutionary theory is the core to scientific literacy” yet it did not help her solve the problem she set out to explain, and she never documented how it was supposed to have helped her.

. . . 

How this improvement was achieved, she explains, was due to the aggressive anti-intelligent design/anti-creationist activities of evolutionary scientists who, have been crucial to suppress any opposition to evolution by any means possible, ethical or non-ethical, including censorship by banishing “language challenging evolution…. [and deleting] language from teaching guidelines that challenged the validity of evolutionary theory,” The result of the opposition to evolution by any means, ethical or non-ethical, including censorship was in spite of  “a creationist-friendly faction [that] had long held sway over the state board of education.”

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