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Friday, March 8, 2013

A Creationist's Viewpoint of Madagascar

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Madagascar is both fascinating and puzzling. Creatures live (and had lived) there that are unique on Earth. This article puts forth some ideas on how animal life came to Madagascar after the Noachian Flood in a creationist model.
The English sailor Robert Drury is famous for his shipwreck on the island of Madagascar in the 1700s. We know nothing about him except the scant words in his journal.
His mysterious tale perfectly fits the mysterious land he crashed into. Sometimes called “the eighth continent,” this island—about the size of France—enthralls us with its unique wildlife, its vivid colors and diverse landscapes, and its hints of past geologic upheaval and radical species diversification. As tantalizing as these marvels are, however, much about Madagascar’s history eludes us, as if the details melt away when we look closely.
The amazing animals that live there—or once did—hold secrets that may help unlock mysteries about how the creatures that left Noah’s Ark quickly resettled the earth after the Flood.
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