Circular RNA — Evolution Did That

microRNA by Narayanese
Wikimedia Commons/Original work by Narayanese
It seems that whenever there is a new discover in the cosmos or the life sciences, evolution somehow gets the credit. It's almost as if Evolution is an intelligent designing entity, innit? First, microRNA was dismissed until "EvolutionDidIt". Now, circular RNAs are adding to the mix, and guess what? EvolutionDidIt. This is too often what is considered proof for evolution: A simple declaration for those incapable of critical thinking to joyfully spread around. In reality, it is absurd to believe such things are the product of time, chance, mutations and other random processes.
Remember when microRNA burst onto the scene a few years back and revolutionized our knowledge of cellular regulatory processes? Evolutionists had to scramble because, after all, when you say your theory explains something and it turns out you don’t really understand that something, well it looks like you don’t know what you’re talking about. It wasn’t much of a scramble though, because evolutionists can pretty much say anything they want, at any time, about their theory. So when microRNA burst onto the scene, evolutionists said “oh, evolution did that.” Well now it is happening all over again, but this time with long RNA which often interacts with microRNA, and this week it was with long RNA that is circular.
Evolutionists once dismissed these long, circular RNA macromolecules—which can be thousands of nucleotides long—as rare genetic accidents or experimental artifacts. Now circular RNA appears to be, err, an abundant and crucial part of genetic regulation. There are thousands of them, probably fulfilling a multitude of functional roles in what one evolutionist admitted is “a hidden, parallel universe” in the molecular world.
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