Evolutionists Always Have an Explanation

by Robert Sorensen

I know someone who seems to be alarmed at the proclamations of proponents of evolution. "Can this be refuted?" There seems to be an element of fear involved, and it does not need to be there.

How should a creationist deal with something that appears to affirm evolution?

Learn the Basics
There is a wealth of solid creation science available online. Videos, DVDs, articles, lectures (in video or audio formats) and so on from reputable creation organizations can be purchased, and many things are there waiting for you at no cost. There are links on this site (including YouTube playlists, linked in the margin on the right), and the materials presented here are specially selected. If you follow the links to the articles, you can find literally thousands more articles from those sites.

Learn Critical Thinking Skills
As above, when you learn some basic information, you will also be exposed to logical thinking and refutation of evolutionary propaganda techniques. Also, there is a link at the top (and right here) to "Logic Lessons", which show some logical fallacies that atheists and evolutionists frequently use. It is important to be able to spot errors and deception, and it will help your own thinking processes. Also, if you're presenting evidence or having discussions yourself, you need to learn to use as few errors as possible so your message is not compromised.

Learn to be Skeptical
Somehow, being "skeptical" has become a caricature of itself. For some people, they proudly say, "I'm a skeptic", which means that they reject all evidence supporting creation and for the existence of God. That is not true skepticism, it is simply clinging to faith in naturalism. No, we need to have healthy skepticism. Ask questions. Let me give a couple of examples.
Chemical analysis of the powder on Mars done by the Curiosity rover shows that rocks had sulfur, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and carbon. From these chemicals, which are common in the universe, scientists speculate that there may have been life on Mars. Are they remnants of ancient laundry loads and detergent residue? Or just...common chemicals?

Another example is the increasing number of soft tissues that have been found in dinosaur fossils. According to an evolutionary/uniformitarian timeline, this is impossible. So they come up with excuses. One of the more interesting "explanations" is that bacteria "somehow" infiltrated their bones and built biofilms in the same shapes as dinosaur tissues and cells. Yes, they really said that.
We can ask questions. Supposedly, that is how science advances. It is certainly essential for learning! Is there evidence for the claims? Has someone figured out a workable, believable mechanism for the claim they're making? And so on.

Learn that Evolutionists are Motivated
Especially the ill-informed but very enthusiastic propagandists of evolution on the Interweb. Evolution is a pseudoscientific foundation for the religion of atheism, and evolution itself has a religious nature. It is also foundational to liberal theology and New Age religions. Not only do people want to justify their aberrant beliefs, they seek to convert people away from true science and the God of the Bible.

Look, I have no problem in telling people how to think (using reason, healthy skepticism, examination, getting a background in useful information, using resources and so on). Evolutionists (especially atheopaths) want to tell you what to think. They not only have disdain for people with opposing views, but have an agenda to stop people from expressing their views. This is contrary to the true spirit of scientific inquiry. But truth and reason are on our side. Science and Scripture support the Creator, not evolution. Keep reading, viewing, listening, learning — and thinking.