Abiogenesis — Ask the Space Aliens

NASA photo with Richard Dawkins quote on panspermia, Star Wars style

In our last exciting episode, we explored how evolutionists speak with forked tongues. First, they say that abiogenesis has nothing to do with evolution. Then, they spend time explaining and attempting to defend it. Although they try to distance themselves from the insurmountable problem of giving a rational explanation for abiogenesis, the problem remains.

Secularists do not want to admit that the evidence points to the Creator (it would mean that we had better find out what he has to say!), and they postulate some pretty outrageous things. The amazing design and complexity of the universe is written off to mere chance, we're the lucky ones in the multiverse. Add to that the idea that since life could not have arisen here, it must have arisen out there. Life came from space. Just ask the aliens who planted it here. Yes, this fundamentally flawed tale is considered by some to be a serious scientific hypothesis, even though there is not a shred of evidence to support it.

By the way, note how Dawkins spoke with the typical authority of an evolutionist: Probably, perhaps...