Cold Camels and Evolutionary Assertions

Back with my unregistered assault keyboard, bringing you news that refutes evolutionism and affirms that the evidence supports creation science.

As we keep seeing, evolutionists seem to take whatever is found and "spin" it to mean that evolution is true. Although it is natural to see evidence through one's worldview spectacles, it seems that people would grow weary of constant fabrications and the defying of logic. In this case, camels have been found in the arctic. The speculation is that they are 3-1/2 millions years old, but yet again, those deep-time-refuting soft tissues interfere with a good story. And yet again, creationists do not have these problems in dealing with facts.
Fossils from a large species of camel living in Canada’s high arctic contain soft tissue.
What’s an iconic desert creature doing in the freezing wastes of the north?  The BBC News reported the discovery of 30 fragments of camel leg bones found on Ellesmere Island.  Some of them had collagen, even though dated in the evolutionary scheme at 3.5 million years old.  Evolutionists date the earliest camels at 45 million years old, but were astonished to find specimens this far north.
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