Evolution, Racism and Aborigines

Although some people try to deny it, evolution has been used as a "scientific" basis for racism. White Europeans had largely forgotten that their lifestyles originated with biblical principles, and believed that they were racially superior. Such ideas became justified by Darwinism, and were found in the United States and elsewhere. (Why do you think Elliot Marston thought it was just fine to hire Matthew Quigley to kill off Aborigines?) Some people thought that blacks were "less evolved" than whites, so they should be treated like the inferiors that they considered to be.

Biblical principles, genetics and medical science give a far different perspective than the fantasies resulting in evolutionary presuppositions.
It is a sad fact that there is a large gap in social stability and opportunities between Australia’s Aboriginal people and the rest of the society there. But why is this so? A reader wonders whether the evolutionist sentiment that Aboriginal people are ‘less evolved’ is correct. Even today it is hard for many to escape that sentiment—that these indigenous people ‘can’t help’ their poor living conditions because it’s just ‘natural’ for them. CMI’s Dr Carl Wieland shows that this simply does not fit the facts, and situates Aboriginal people, their skills, their sins, and their struggles, within the One Human Family of Adam and Eve.
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