Genetics and Evolutionary Monkeyshines

It is almost amusing when proponents of evolution will insist that the study of genetics supports their cause. But that is the opposite of the truth. Some will use the outdated claim based on bad science that "humans and chimps are ninety percent similar" (the number varies depending on who is speaking), but better research shows a much smaller similarity.

Worse for evolutionists, gorillas are closer in DNA to humans than chimps, but that does not fit the storyline. And never mind McCarthy's idea that a pig and a chimp did the wild thing and produced humanity. He must be getting desperate. But he did say that current evolutionary thinking is fundamentally flawed. Too bad he refuses to accept the obvious, that there is a Creator.

There are actually quite a few genomes that do not fit the evolutionary paradigm. It is interesting how Darwin's Cheerleaders do not bother to discuss this. Or perhaps they simply do not know.

"Real Science Radio" has an article and an audio download discussing genome anomalies — well, anomalies for evolution, but not a problem for creationists. Atheist AronRa gets proved wrong — again.
* DNA Doesn't Lie -- and that includes Elephant DNA: If you enjoy our tradition of annual Real Science Radio LIST programs you'll probably love this List of Genomes that Just Don't Fit! For the genomes march on. While of course Darwin's tree of life puts all the shrews on one branch, and animals like giraffes and elephants elsewhere, contradicting that evolutionary requirement, a genetic analysis of a particular species of shrew, the elephant shrew, shows that this rodent is closer to an elephant, genetically, than it is to other shrews! Who knew? So Bob Enyart and Fred Williams explain why on today's program!

* Genomes that Expose the Error of Neo-Darwinism: See below for details and for the many peer-reviewed journal papers and expert sources for this data.
You can read the article and list, and hear the audio, at "RSR 2013: List of Genomes that Just Don't Fit".