Rock Me Slowly — No, Just Kidding

One of the ways people attempt to explain away evidence for a young earth is textbook explanations of the formation of granite. Signs in national parks tell the public that something formed over millions of years. And people believe the pronouncements of scientists, because they must be right, what with being scientists and all.

It turns out that granite does NOT form in millions of years after all. In fact, granite formation supports biblical creationist catastrophic Flood models!
Now we're finding out that scientists have been wrong about the length of time that it takes granite and crystals to form. (Looks like the signs in the tourist spots have to come down, huh?) In fact, the change in the explanation is so drastic, the findings support biblical creationism and the catastrophic Noachian Flood instead of uniformitarianism.
Albany, on the south coast of Western Australia, is a popular stopping-place to explore the area’s beauty. A peninsula shelters Albany from the Great Southern Ocean, and is home to the famous ‘Gap’ and ‘Natural Bridge’ rock formations. Interpretive signs in the Torndirrup National Park tell visitors what they are looking at.
One says:
“The continents of Australia and Antarctica were bound together along this rugged coastline for more than one billion years, forming part of the supercontinent Gondwana.”
You can see the coastline and the characteristic granite landscape, with its domed rock outcrops and rounded tors. But you can’t imagine a billion years of time, or how they could measure that value. Nor can you see Antarctica, 3,500 kilometres across the ocean.
Instead of millions of years, geologists now say granite plutons form in months.
To learn the rest of the hard facts, continue reading "Granite formation was catastrophic".