Fantasies Presented as Science

In olden times, Art Linkletter had a presentation called Kids Say the Darndest Things (Bill Cosby tried it for a few years, too.) Someone should make a show called Scientists Say the Darndest Things. There is some weird stuff that is actually published and seriously presented as "science". What is stranger yet is that some people are receiving it as if to say, "Yahyuh, yahyuh, that makes good sense!"

But perhaps I should not be surprised. There is a great deal of misinformation spread around as science, and people are not being taught to examine it. Rather than think critically, they are being conditioned to accept the proclamations of scientists without question. If people were trained (and even allowed) to examine evolution with contrary evidence included, there would be far fewer evolutionists in the world.

Creationists do not need to resort to desperation or fabrication to fool people because science supports creation, not evolution.
Things no one could possibly ever know are being reported by science journals and news sites as things worthy of scientific faith.

Here are some far-out speculations coming from science sites recently:

  • Asteroid that killed dinosaurs might have sent life to Mars (BBC News).
  • A roundworm’s mind may be the first step toward understanding the human brain (Live Science).
  • One-way breathing may have evolved 270 million years ago (Live Science).
  • An ancient “fig wasp” lived 100 million years before figs evolved (Science Daily).
  • A meteor may have delivered the building blocks of life to Europa (
  • Exoplanet hunters may find ET by glut of alien corpses (New Scientist)
  • Life was possible in the early universe in the cooling glow of the big bang (Nature News).  This weakens the Anthropic Principle and the need for a multiverse.
Keep the Darwin death cult faith, baby! Never mind observable science. You can read the rest at "Extreme Speculation Presented As Science".