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Friday, December 13, 2013

Journey of an Astronomer

Instead of doing exploring how real science refutes evolutionary hypotheses and affirms biblical creation, we're going to look at the personal story of a scientist. Some atheists make the assertion, "You are only a Christian because you were born in a Christian country", but they cannot explain how they became atheists in "Christian" countries, nor can they explain Christians in countries that are atheist, Muslim, Hindu or have other religions.

CreationSwap / Nichole McMaster
My dear friend Ruby Faraday is probably one of the least likely people to become a creationist astronomer. Born in a Muslim country, raised with occult influences, victim of abuse, sometimes mocked for her dreams. Yet, the truth of the Word of God came through to her, and she worked hard to achieve her goals. And she still works toward her goals.
I was born in a Muslim country and raised by non-Muslim parents, so how did I become a Christian Creation Scientist? Perhaps I am the first of my kind; perhaps I am not. But I’m definitely not the last. I know there are others like me out there but I do not know how to reach them. The ones I know are from predominantly Christian countries.

Dad inherited pagan beliefs and was a tyrant – a man of facts who took pride in his family. Mom was the polar opposite – a woman of compassion and of God. Love brought them together and it was the love for the family that kept them together. Mom didn’t have much support when she married dad. Grandma was a non-believer and many things were done in ways which were displeasing to God. A month after my birth, I was offered to the pagan goddess to signify the birth of the first-born and years after that was sent to live with my grandmother.

During the first month of my birth, Mom prayed to the Lord and asked Him to use me. This prayer is the start of my journey.
You can read the rest of "God, Astronomy and Me", here. By the way, English is not her first language, but she uses it more gooder than lotsa native English talkers. She's actually familiar with several languages.

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