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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Science as Savior?

Time and again, we run into acolytes of Scientism as the way to know truth and morality. Atheists will tell Christians, "We will replace you, and your kind will be gone in a hundred years", forgetting that this foolishness has been stated for a very long time. I remember seeing a news clip where someone was expressing her faith in science, "Scientists will come up with a pill or something".

Science has severe limitations, and scientists acknowledge this fact. Some people view mathematics as the ultimate, purest form of science, but there are uncertainties there. (Ironically, many insist on materialistic presuppositions, but math is transcendent of matter.) Medical science has had many advances, but some things are remain incurable. Technology has given us many things to improve our lives, and also to destroy them.

Why have faith in "science"? Perhaps it is to replace the God who is there and will hold us accountable.

[Link removed, I learned that the organization holds theological views that I cannot endorse.]

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