Astronomy and the Big Bang — More Uncertain

The universe is not supporting deep-time cosmology and the Big Bang, among other established "facts". Once again, what has been believed by secularists is being challenged. We find out that the more we learn, and the more that scientific equipment develops, there is still a great deal to learn. It seems that the most consistent fact about science is that many "facts" are uncertain and keep changing. Yet, many secularists keep citing things that are outdated and incomplete, dogmatically asserting that the earth and the universe are very old, and that there is a consensus about various forms of evolution.

Messier 54, PD / NASA / ESA / Wikimedia Commons
In cosmology, cosmogony, and astronomy, many speculations have been asserted as facts, and people spread them around. However, many of these (even long-established), have been overturned or are in serious doubt. The Big Bang itself has always had flaws, and more are found. Are black holes a certainty? Well...maybe not. How about the origin of gamma rays in space? Not so. How about the multiverse? Not happening. There are more. It would be helpful if many scientists reigned in their spirited horsies of arrogance. The only consistent truth is found in God's Word. To understand the doubt, click on "Of Stars and Significance".