Water, Wind and Canyons

Pardon me for reification, but I'm going to say that observed geologic evidence screams, "Global catastrophic Genesis Flood" — a lot of water in a relatively short time. Old-earth geologists usually insist on uniform processes carving out canyons and things over millions or billions of years. Then they contradict themselves by saying arid Mars had surface features carved out by catastrophic floods.

There is talk of wind sandblasting erosion on Mars, even though the atmosphere there is practically nonexistent. Wind erosion there, like here, would not allow surface features to be standing after huge amounts of time. Some geologists are scaling back their time estimations. Not to biblical timeline levels, but some drastic reductions just the same.

Chryse Planitia on Mars, photo from Viking 1 / NASA
It is interesting that some geologists are rethinking the whole thing, and seeing that some features on Earth were made by catastrophic processes like they supposedly happened on Mars. A bit of consistency would be helpful, as well as dropping the fundamentally flawed "deep time" paradigm. You can read more by clicking on "Canyons on Earth, Mars Reinterpreted as Flood-Caused".