Evolution's Lack of Prediction Ability and Benefits

Claims that evolutionary theory is predictive and necessary for science are shown to be utterly false.

Evolutionists insist on interpreting observations through their Darwin spectacles and forcing facts into their paradigms. "Nothing in biology makes sense without the guiding light of evolution", that kind of thing. That saddle's on the wrong horse, Hoss.

We're told that Darwinian evolutionary theory is useful in making predictions. Is it? In some ways it's true, because there are so many things pretending to be predictions, sometimes they get a vague "prediction" right and then shout it from the rooftops. The reality of the situation is far different. Over and over, we keep hearing about how something is discovered that is not predicted by evolutionary ideas, and even where discoveries cause evolutionists to "rethink". The scientific method according to evolutionists is quite biased and unscientific. For more about this, click on "How Explanatory Is Evolutionary Theory?"

Darwinoids will also insist on using "evolutionary thinking" (those Darwin spectacles I mentioned), saying that evolution is useful and even necessary, and give credit to evolution — but evolution had nothing to do with it. Worse for them, what they are calling "evolution" in their thinking is actually based on engineering and strategy. The reality is that evolutionary thinking should be reigned in; it is not involved in real science. You can read about that by clicking on "How Useful is Evolutionary Thinking?"