The God of Evolution Gives Us Faces

The blind-faith religious nature of evolution shows itself in many ways: Icons, celebrity scientists revered as high priests, fanatical devotion (thou shalt not speak ill of evolution, nor or speak ill of Darwin's anointed, lest ye be upbraided on unimportant forums and in spam) — and especially the way evolution has been made into a kind of deity with intelligence and the ability to make choices (fallacy of reification). Keep an eagle eye out for it, and you'll see in various press releases and quotes from evolutionary scientists how evolution seems to be a living being. That fits, since evolution itself is an ancient pagan religion (see "Evolution: An Ancient Pagan Idea", "Evolution is Religion, Not Science", or ask some pagans at "Pagan Evolution"). Blessed be the god of evolution, I reckon.

Making evolution into a being shows in some circular reasoning and just plain bad science regarding faces. Evolution decided to make human faces different for a purpose, using selection. This ignores how other social critters do not have recognizability, however. Or how certain wasps can distinguish each others' faces, but other insects do not. Fortunately for the sake of science, there are some evolutionists who think this "research" is not so good.

It's amazing the lengths people will go to for the sake of rejecting their Creator. I have two articles on this episode of dreadful science for your perusal. First, "Human Faces Vary Thanks to Evolution, Study Claims". The second article on this topic takes a somewhat different approach, "Face Up: Can Evolution Be Thanked?"