Further Studies in Scientific Racism

Evolutionary thinking has consequences. One of those is the "scientific" idea of racism.

People like Bill Nye, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Laurence Krauss and others believe that when people lack belief in evolution, they are hindering the progress of science (equivocation fallacy, "evolution" and "science"). Evolutionary thinking has consequences; it is not just a theory of biology, but a worldview with many negative results.

Nobody is saying that if you believe in evolution, you're a racist. Nor can I find anyone who thinks that racism is caused by evolutionary thinking. But evolutionary thinking accelerated racism.

One of those negative results is making racism scientifically acceptable. After people began waking up to how racism cannot be scientifically justified, and when it became socially unacceptable, evolutionists were distancing themselves from their own history. (Biblical creationists who stood by their Scriptural presuppositions that man is from "one blood" have been proven justified.) When I posted "More Modern Evolutionary Racism", several owlhoots chose to disunderstand the contents of the main article (it helps if you actually read it). The atrocities of racism in Australia are amazingly brutal, and are well documented. Did you know about the buying and selling of people's body parts in Africa as well? But that was all right by Darwinists, since Africans (and Australian aborigines) were considered less evolved than white Europeans, and less than human.
Imagine a foreign people entering your country and desecrating the graves of your ancestors. They then transport the body parts to their homeland for the purpose of ‘proving’ the inferiority and animal-like nature of your people. As appalling as it may sound, such a practice was common among scientists for many decades after the publication of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species.
. . . 
According to one researcher, “…the graves of between 5000 and 10,000 Australian Aborigines were desecrated, their bodies dismembered or parts stolen to support a scientific trade.” What many do not realize is this was not a geographically isolated phenomenon, but was occurring simultaneously in the German colonies in Africa, especially at the request of prominent racial scientists in Germany.
Evolutionists will continue to try and distance themselves from their history, but we want people to know that ideas have consequences. Those who want to know more and read the rest of the article can click on "African invasion of the bodysnatchers".