Faker Alert for Facebook

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Edited November 18, 2014 and April 21, 2021

Someone is interested in giving me a reward. Atheopaths must hate it that they are fulfilling prophesy (Luke 6.22-23). The Question Evolution Project is hated by many people on Facebook. There have been some trolling attacks, often from repeat offenders using multiple fake names. Now this tinhorn is slapping leather with me. He's using the name of the Page as an individual, and sending messages, "Just wanting to let my fans know my page The Question Evolution Project has been hacked. Can you go unlike it, I'll be making another page shortly". Hacked? My account password is so strong, even I don't know it! I keep it in a password safe.

The fake profile, which was later taken down. Click for larger.
Not only does did he have a fake profile under that name, but also set up at least two fake Question Evolution Project Pages (ours has been there for a few years, has over 3,400 "Likes" at this writing [over 8,100 in 2021], and also has the words piltdown.superman in the URL). What he seems to have forgotten is that I have this site, which links to the Page on Facebook. The strongest evidence where the real Page is simply to click on the Facebook badge (or link, depending on your blocking add-ons) in the column, and you go to the real Page! I recommend that other ministries do the same.

He even gloated about his criminal behavior.

After that account was taken down, he came back later. And failed again. These people imitate Christians and their ministries. I've been involved in sounding the alarm for Creation Ministries International, Ian Juby, Ken Ham, Ray Comfort, Eric Hovind and several others. People need to be vigilant! I strongly suggest that you read my other article on this, "Finding Anti-Creation Facebook Fakers". You can't rely on Facebook to do the right thing by removing fakers, but it happens once in a while.

I have some other things that bother me. People have been duped and made friends with fakers on just their say-so. Depending on their privacy settings, their personal information and friend lists are at risk. Facebook is fraught with identity theft. 

I have it on good authority that this guy has done a number of impersonations as well as troll attacks on other Christians and creationists. Others do the same. Do you think people like this are going to respect the privacy of Christians who accepted friend requests or "Like" imitator Pages? Not hardly! The "Good Without God" gang are willing to threaten Christians (see the article and screenshot here).

Let's be blunt: These people are engaging in criminal as well as immoral activities. But this stuff happens when they're under Satan's control (believing they're "freethinkers"), and also unable to tolerate the truth of biblical creation science; they want us silenced.

Anyway, I've pretty well demonstrated that the real Facebook Page has not been hacked, and people who do this are liars. Stay safe, stay vigilant, and have a healthy skepticism. As for me, I'm keeping on in the power of God and remembering that these atheists are building up my treasure in Heaven.