Plant Intranet is Tree-mendous!

Many years of study have been invested in the study of plant communication. Not only with each other, but within themselves. It's like having branch (heh!) offices that communicate on a molecular level. Supplies are low at the fort, so a message is sent to the commander to send more on the next stagecoach. Actually, it resembles a kind of intranet with e-mail (tree mail?), but without spam. 

Assembled from components at
Scientists hacked in and blocked the communication, and found out that yes indeed, the communication is not just idle chatter. Although evolutionists give credit for evolution, that is a catch-all claim that cannot be supported, Instead, this shows the work of the Creator and his provision for even "simple" things like plants.
How do roots respond to what the top of the plant experiences? With an elaborate communication system resembling email.
The authors of a paper in Science Magazine don’t use the words email or intranet, but the signaling system they describe fits that description:
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