The Bible and — ICEBERGS?

The large icebergs that are seen today are dangerous (most of it is below water) but also impressive. It turns out that there were probably icebergs in the past that made today's bergs seem puny in comparison. What factory turned those babies out?

freeimages / lyeager / "Antarctic Iceberg #4"
The Ice Age produced the big ones. Secular uniformitarian scientists cannot account for conditions that would cause the Ice Age, nor can they account for those icebergs. However, biblical creationist geologists' models based on the Genesis Flood give explanations for both the Ice Age and the big bergs.
What is the recipe for making an iceberg? Scientists know the basics from watching polar-ice sheets. Huge chunks calve, slide off, and float away as icebergs. But that’s for modern icebergs. New research reveals evidence of ancient icebergs that would dwarf today’s frozen floating mountains, leaving secular explanations out in the cold.

Researchers from Germany’s Alfred-Wegener Institute (AWI), Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research, published in Geophysical Research Letters their discovery of five deep scours at almost 4,000 feet below sea level and about 250 miles off Greenland’s eastern coast at Hovgaard Ridge. There, the Fram Strait permits polar ice to enter one of the world’s larger oceans, an annual process that helps regulate marine ecosystems and global weather patterns.
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