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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Charlie Darwin and the Fudge Factory

The general theory of evolution has been disingenuously (and fallaciously) equivocated with science for years now. But evolution is not "science". In fact, evolution fails the criteria for being a scientific theory! Get yourself to cogitating on this: evolution is not testable, repeatable, or observable (see the video at the bottom of this post for more). Oh, sure, proponents insist that evolution has been tested and observed, but that's from small samples and playing games with words (using the fallacy of equivocation by referring to "change" and "variation" as evolution). And nobody saw microbes evolving into all the life forms we see today.

When the evidence doesn't support evolution, what are the faithful to do? Make up stuff and fudge the data, of course!
Image provided by Why?Outreach
I reckon that evolutionism is getting more desperate all the time. There is a considerable amount of fact-free storytelling, and when the data becomes inconvenient, they use the scientific method of Making Stuff Up™. Although the structure of the "theory" is wrong, evolution has indeed been falsified seven ways from sundown, but the faithful manage to avoid the truth that evolution is a failure, the evidence supports Creation instead. To see what I'm jawin' about, take a look at the examples at "Fudging Evolution to Avoid Falsification".

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