Paleontolgists, Dinosaur Tracks and Magic

Something I have said many times (I think it's my variation on material by Dr. Greg Bahnsen and Dr. Jason Lisle) is that for every offered evidence, there is an equal and opposite rescuing device (excuse). Biblical creationists offer evidence for creation, refuting evolution, supporting the Genesis Flood, and more, and goo-to-you evolutionists dance the Darwin Disco around it all. Some of their excuses are both incredible and amusing

Creationists present evidence for the Genesis Flood. Evolutionists find excuses to deny it. In this case involving dinosaur tracks, the word "magic" was used.
Image credit: US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management
Creationists present evidence that certain dinosaur tracks are the result of dinosaurs trying to escape the rising waters of the Genesis Flood. Evolutionary paleontologists keep their paradigm in the corral by ignoring scientific evidence for the Flood and making excuses. (Gotta avoid the young earth evidence that kills evolution, you know.) It appears that some even believe in some kind of magic. Oh, boy.
Secular geologists claim that unique conditions prevailed when trackways were made by tetrapods in Triassic strata. Is this special pleading?

A press release from UC Riverside starts with a question: “How Were Fossil Tracks Made by Early Triassic Swimming Reptiles So Well Preserved?” Their hypothesis was published in Geology: “Swimming reptiles make their mark in the Early Triassic: Delayed ecologic recovery increased the preservation potential of vertebrate swim tracks.” The hypothesis reverberated as delivered truth on Science Daily and Live Science.
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