Who is REALLY at War with Science, Creationists or Darwinists?

For many years, proponents of goo-to-you evolution have been creating a false war between "science" and "faith". The truth is, there is no conflict between the two. There are Bible-believing scientists today, and there have been throughout the formation of scientific methods. The real problem is between worldviews.

"But Cowboy Bob, we use science, you use faith!"

Not hardly. Science, and the "scientific method", is a philosophy about interpreting evidence. Historical science (such as creation and evolution) use scientific methods and interpret evidence according to presuppositions. A secularist sees a fossil and believes it's millions of years old, while a biblical creationist sees evidence of the global Genesis Flood, for example.

There is no war between science and faith, that's a lie. But some Darwinists feel the need to protect their worldview through dishonest propaganda and manipulation.
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Unfortunately, people are only given one side of the story: evolution. Evidence for creation is dismissed out of hand, often times because people don't know that there's another (superior) way to interpret the evidence. Of course, when creation science ministries gain attention and prompt people to think for themselves and examine the evidence critically, Darwinoids circle the wagons to protect "science". That is, they pull the bait 'n' switch, saying that evolution is science, so they must protect it against those bad old "science deniers". Like I said before, I like science, and so does my heart.

Some protectors of "science" (that is, evolution) go on the attack, saying that since biblical creationist are lying because we don't agree with their fundamentally flawed God-denying worldview. Absurd things like, "You are anti-science. Yes - you DO lie about the age of the universe, spreading false information and propaganda" are said, then they pretend that they're doing the world a favor by "telling the truth" based on their antitheistic worldviews. It's almost funny in a way, since many people of that ilk lack anywhere near the education that the scientists they are criticizing possess. By making such misrepresentations about creationists and assertions about us lying, they make themselves the liars! Amazingly, some are actually proud of their arrogance and bigotry. Then there are "Christians" who have no respect for biblical creationists, and insist on their "right" to disrespect us and say how we're evil "fundies" —

"Not all evolutionists are like that!"

Oh. I went away for a while. You are correct. There are intelligent people who have been indoctrinated into evolutionism that may want to find out our side of the story. Creation science ministries want to not only equip Christians to defend the faith in this area, but to inform those evolutionists.

Also, it's ridiculous to believe that people who want to communicate the truth of God, who hates lying, will use lies and deception to get others to believe in God! Must be gnawing on peyote or something. Such attacks are not only showing ignorance of how science thrives (examination and challenge), but impugn the integrity of the people they don't like — all because they reject the materialistic worldview and support biblical creation.

What some people don't understand is that both creation and evolution involve faith, and use scientific methods with what is observed in the present to try to understand what happened in the past. Many of Darwin's Defenders will disunderstand what faith is, and misrepresent both faith and science.

What used to be a decent science magazine, National Geographic has become another propaganda arm of the Darwin Party. They are using bad logic and outright falsehoods to manipulate the emotions of people so that they will embrace evolutionism and reject creation science. It is indeed unfortunate that critical thinking seems to be in short supply, especially in educational systems.
National Geographic (NG) is a respected popular science magazine with millions of subscribers. So it is unfortunate when they use that platform to promote anti-creation propaganda under the guise of science. The cover of the March 2015 issue is “The War on Science”, and the featured article by science writer Joel Achenbach, “The age of disbelief”, intends to explain why so many people doubt the scientific establishment on a range of issues—from global warming to vaccines to the Apollo moon landings. And, of course, no ‘war on science’ article would be complete without a reference to creationists. But rather than shed light on these controversies, NG has only managed to spread more confusion.
To read the rest, click on "National Geographic claims creationists are at war with science". Also, I suggest that you head on over to see a "scripture" for evolutionists at "'Creation is faith; evolution is science'?" Think for yourself, you don't need to be bullied and manipulated into accepting a materialist evolutionary worldview.