Having a Heart

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

Too bad I can't tell you that my heart issue was from injuries sustained by stopping a stagecoach holdup, but it was much more mundane. In October, 2001, I began having chest pains and thought I was doing too much manual labor. But they got worse, so I went to the doctor. Even though I was in my early forties, they gave me nitro pills and did some checking, but couldn't find the problem. I was sent to a cardiologist, who figured the only way to be really certain was to get me on the operating table and take a look.

The surgeon put me under anesthetic (but not completely under) and put a tube in a major artery in my leg. This was a camera thingie, and it was pushed up all the way to my heart for a look-see. The surgeon brought me out of it and said, "One of your three major arteries is mostly blocked". (I think he said it was 97 percent blocked.) "Do you want me to open it?" Yup, do that. You know he had to ask, protocol or something. I learned the words "angioplasty" and "stent". The nice people gave me a before and after picture that I added color to for your viewing pleasure. The "before" image on the left brings to mind the expression, "Hanging by a thread":

The heart is a workhorse that has three major challenges that the Creator designed it to overcome.

Although it was not major surgery, there was still some risk that I could join the Great Roundup in the Sky. The biggest problem was not the surgery itself — oops, I was corrected on that, it was a procedure — but rather, the clamp on my leg to keep the artery shut. There I was, in all my "glory", in front of four nurses. To reduce my embarrassment, I reminded myself that they're medical professionals, and they've seen it all. Years later, I'm still taking medications every day. And I still recommend the work and staff at Vassar Brothers Medical Center in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Anti-creationists spread the lie that creationists "hate science" or that we're "anti-science", or similar. Nope. We oppose Darwinism on theological and scientific grounds, though. (Note that this falsehood based on being manipulative with the equivocation fallacy, a bait 'n' switch with "evolution" and "science". Sneaky.) We like science, and you can see that I'm a beneficiary of it.

Did the heart evolve? Not hardly! It is too complex and has a lot to do. Our Creator's genius shows through again, and there are three major challenges to overcome.
Our lives hang on a thread. A constant flow of rich blood must reach cells throughout the body, delivering oxygen and essential nutrients to our extremities, while removing waste products like carbon dioxide. Stop the flow for just a few minutes, and life will cease.

How did the Creator ensure a steady flow? He gave us a pump made of soft flesh, not of hard steel. Estimates vary, but this powerful muscle pushes blood through at least 1,500 miles (2500 km) of blood vessels, some as narrow as one red blood cell. The heart must keep beating 100,000 times a day without tiring or malfunctioning.

We are a walking miracle, exquisitely designed for life on Earth. Just consider three engineering challenges that our heart has to overcome.
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