Like We Said, Human Eye Design Is Optimal

Human eye is efficiently designed despite false claims by Richard Dawkins

A weak argument that anti-creationists have is to claim that the human eye was obviously not designed by God because it's poorly done. Therefore, evolution's what done it. Such a statement is unscientific and theological in nature. Creationary scientists (including ophthalmologists) who understand the concepts far better than people who duckspeak this objection have taken the spokes out of that wagon wheel years ago; the human eye is indeed designed efficiently. However, since the science was presented by creationists, critics invoked the genetic fallacy and rejected it because of its source.

Recent secular research is supporting what creationists have said all along. In addition, they discovered that the eye is more intricate than was previously though. But since they work from their assumptions, all praise, honor, and glory are given to evolution and not to the Creator who gave them their sight.
You can’t get any better performance out of an eyeball than the way it’s designed, backward wiring and all.

The “mystery of reverse-wired eyeball” is solved, according to a press release from the American Physical Society. Erez Ribak, of Technion — Israel Institute of Technology, believes that, for the first time, his research team has discovered why the photoreceptors are positioned behind a tangle of neurons.
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