Science, Evolution, and the Religious Experience

by Cowboy Bob Sorensen

In a previous article, I discussed how people idolize scientists and the religion of Scientism is gaining popularity. Many people will blindly accept what "scientists say" because of their unfounded high view of science and scientists (that article is here). Regular readers may recall that my father was a pastor in a liberal church. I asked him why we did so many ritual things (which I disliked), and he said that people need a "religious experience". Although I still reject that for a church setting, I see truth in that in other areas. Scientism, atheism, and other worldviews tend to be sterile and clinical; even atheists are garnering a religious experience with their own churches.

Scientism, atheism, Jedi religion, Evolutionism, liberal Christianity, New Age, and others seek a religious experience. Why is that?

Although many Darwinists and atheists hate this fact, evolution is a religion. It started way back yonder, long before Darwin plagiarized Erasmus Darwin and others, back to the Epicureans, and possibly older views. Charles Darwin didn't come up with evolution all by his lonesome, he gave a veneer of science and popularized an existing religious belief. If someone dares to question evolution, show evidence against it, and poke fun at evolutionary high priests like Clinton Richard Dawkins, Charles Darwin, Laurence Krauss, and even tinhorns that want to be famous, watch out for the stampede of the faithful, riding into town to shut you up. Anyway, it wouldn't surprise me to learn that secularists were embracing New Age religious views, or even full-fledged Hinduism. 

This Scientism thing goes beyond evolutionism. Have you noticed the increasing popularity of science fiction, UFOs, Raelism, and the Jedi Religion? Science fiction fans have an almost religious fervor at conventions and such, space aliens bring a message of "hope" rooted in evolutionism, with Raelism and Jedi taking on a spirituality. Why is that, old son?

I believe some of it is that desire for a religious experience. But another part of it is a desire for God. People know that God exists (Romans 1:20), but choose to suppress the truth (Romans 1:18, Psalm 53:1). These forms of religious experience vary from liberal Christians embracing Darwinism, militant atheopaths going on a secularist jihad, people enamored with science philosophies, or even people just seeking some kind of religion. But all of it is essentially rebellion against God our creator and the salvation offered through Jesus Christ. After all, we can't earn salvation, we have to humble ourselves and receive it God's way, not our way.

Here is a broadcast/podcast that aired on March 19, 2015. I hope Christians will listen to it. Amy and Scott interview Warren Smith about how the New Age is gaining popularity and entering the church even more. It is free to listen to online or download, click here for the interview on "Stand Up for the Truth".