Water on Outer Moons

There have been several reports that there may be water on moons of Jupiter and Saturn, the asteroid Ceres — and maybe some just up yonder on our own moon. With advances in space exploration, it turns out that our solar system is a busy place, what with volcanic eruptions, methane geysers and what not. With speculations of water, naturally come speculations of life evolving from whatever is out there.

Water on outer moons of the solar system raise questions for cosmic evolution
Ganymede, Jupiter's largest moon, may have an underground ocean. Image: NASA / JPL
Of course, the various forms of water need to be investigated further, and there needs to be more involved, even for goo-to-you evolutionists, for life to happen. Also, evolution requires huge amounts of time, and the reports of water don't bother to address the problem of how water can last more than a few thousand years on a solar system alleged to be billions of years old. A young solar system is exactly what is expected by biblical creationists.

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