Cosmological Actors in the Cosmic Theater

It's amazing how people who believe in science will cling to their worldviews despite the scientific evidence (or lack of evidence). This is common in the religion of Scientism. Evidence against Darwinian and cosmic evolution ideas keep getting roped and brought into the corral (including the recent big claim of evidence for inflation), and many secularists continue to make excuses while clinging to their faith.

More scientific discoveries show major flaws in the Big Bang model. Cosmologists have become actors in the cosmic theater, playing a part that they should know is not real.
Credit for original image: NASA / ESA / S. Beckwith (STScI) and The HUDF Team
The Big Bang model for the origin and development of the universe has changed many times since it was developed. After discoveries revealed flaws in the idea, other ideas were worked in; the current model is substantially different from the original, and excuse-makers in cosmology are more like actors than scientists.

Millions of years from the putative beginning were wiped off the stage, missing antimatter, desperate attempts to account for lack of lithium, the idea that the universe never had a beginning, and more problems plague the Big Bang. But will they scrap the consensus? Not hardly! If the scientists were being scientific, the accumulation of flaws in the Big Bang should have cosmologists stampeding away from their failed model and alleged billions of years. But the Big Bang won't be toppled because of evolutionary religious fideism, and they certainly won't give credit to the Creator.

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