Stars, Creation Week, and Scriptural Gymnastics

Some Christians seem to get mighty frightened by the pronouncements of secular scientists, so they tamper with the Bible. Especially when it comes to Genesis. Christians began ceding science to secularists, and it accelerated when Darwin, Lyell, and their ilk were convincing people that their views of long ages and origins were right. Wouldn't want people to say mean things about us Bible believers, would we? No, we need to appear "enlightened", and do scriptural gymnastics so the Bible doesn't say what it means. Then you get odd views like the Framework Hypothesis, the Day-Age Theory, the Gap Theory, and so on.

Some Christians are intimidated by the pronoucements of secular science trends.Is it scripturally feasible to suppose that the stars were created before creation week? Not hardly!
Triangulum Galaxy image credit: NASA/Swift Science Team/Stefan Immler
Some people act like distant starlight is a smoking gun to discredit all of creation science, so they let the secularists lead their minds and spirits into the corral where they won't bother anyone. But scientists are not infallible, and some investigation shows that the dominant Big Bang theory has many major problems — including distant starlight and heat transfer.

Theologically, is it valid to reinterpret the Bible for the sake of current trends in science philosophies, saying that the stars were created long before the actual creation week? Not hardly!
Kenneth M. from New Zealand criticizes one of our classic articles, Morning has broken but when?, which refutes modified soft gap theories that make stars much older than the earth rather than Day 4 creations as God’s Word teaches. In particular, Mr M takes issue with the section, ‘Can stars be billions of light years away in a young universe?’ Dr Jonathan Sarfati responds.
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