Scientific "Facts" Keep Getting Reversed

To many people, science is the ultimate source of truth. But scientific claims are constantly changing. The only real, ultimate truth comes from the written Word of the Creator.
What is the most ironclad kind of fact known to man? To many, it's a fact based on science. "I don't reckon you should dispute that, pilgrim, it's a scientific fact!" Of course, a claim, consensus, or theory is not the same as a fact, but people put a lot of stock in something when you preface it with, "Scientists say..." Then it's promoted to "fact" status in the eyes of a passel of people.

Many think that science is the ultimate source of truth, and they forget (or do not even know) that many indisputable science facts have been discarded over the years. Take a look at phlogiston, f'rinstance. For that matter, the "scientific method" itself (whichever "scientific method" you choose) evolves.

Pay attention to the news from creation science ministries, and even from the secular science press. You keep getting news about something that has changed that had previously been established. Evolutionary "science" is touted by some tinhorns as a fact, yet scientists are constantly being surprised by findings (especially in astronomy and cosmology, it seems), the alleged transitional form called "Lucy" is about to be shelved, and scientists decide to rewrite evolutionary history — so much for evolution having the predictability aspect of a real theory.

Recent news informs us about changing statuses of how salt affects our blood pressure, textbook theories of volcanoes, neuroscience, evolution of mammals, and more. To read about these, saddle up and ride over to "Scientific Claims Are Reversible". Scientific "truths" frequently change. Man-made science philosophies come and go. The only real, ultimate truth comes from the Creator in his written Word (Isaiah 40:8, Hebrews 13:8), and that is where we should be placing our highest trust.