Ice Age Climate Theory Wobbles

There was a consensus of sorts that orbital cycles of the earth were the cause of ice ages. New discoveries have had a chilling effect for secular "deep time" scientists because the prevailing uniformitarian view doesn't hold water; it's not "settled science" after all.

The Milankovitch orbital cycles of the earth were postulated, and used to explain ice ages. New evidence supports biblical creationists' models of a single ice age caused by the Genesis Flood.
Pixabay / tpsdave
There are some other items that put a burr under secularists' saddles. First, if the prevailing models about how the earth was frozen in the distant past are shown to be unreliable, then how accurate are their methods when they predict global warming? But even worse, the data once again fit biblical creationists' models regarding a single ice age resulting from the Genesis Flood. These findings should spur creation scientists on to further research in this area.
Orbital cycles do not cause ice ages, a new study suggests. Instead, the whole world experienced an ice age at the same time.

The leading secular theory for past ice ages has taken heat from a new study. According to the theory, orbital cycles called Milankovitch cycles take the earth on excursions nearer and farther from the sun, or on wobbles of tilt, forcing climatic swings. But a study published in Geology calls that theory into question.
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